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JoJo and I operate this little site as a labor of love. Thank you for stopping by.

We have been enjoying life along the beaches of North and South Carolina for many years and we like sharing our insights and knowledge about the beach lifestyle. We trust you will find what you are looking for within the pages of this site. So in an effort to assist you let us begin by telling you what you won’t find here and why.

NO Huge Directories
You won’t find a vast Internet directory of goods and services, although sites like those can certainly be valuable vacation planning resources. Even so, we have included a few edited directories here that we feel will contribute to your positive vacation planning and experience.

NO Pages Of Coupons
There are zillions of printed coupon books in the lobby of nearly every hotel, restaurant, and grocery store on the strand.
Are coupons popular? Of course they are. Otherwise the coupon book giants would not spend millions of dollars producing them every year. Are there sometimes coupons on this site? You betcha. But we have selectively chosen them based on our personal experiences or high recommendation.

Our mission is to assemble here a unique collection of informative articles and opinions we feel will assist families in planning and enjoying value-packed South Carolina beach vacations. As the name implies, The Grand Strand Vacation Connection’s reach envelopes the entire strand; from Calabash to Little River, North Myrtle Beach to Myrtle Beach, Surfside to Garden City, Litchfield to Pawleys Island, Georgetown and beyond.

To accomplish this mission we offer two unique sections to this site.


The meat and potatoes of our site are our diverse articles and the opinions surrounding them. You might find articles about off-shore fishing and sand castle building, skim-boarding and classic car restoration, softball tournaments and motorcycle rallies.

We have been promoting vacationing and the Grand Strand since 1977. And first hand through those decades we have witnessed the Grand Strand gain notoriety as a vacation wonderland. And of course the area continues to grow in both full-time residents and tourist popularity. As in previous years, this year promises to be an exceptional growth year on the strand.

Our goal with this site is to give you the best information we can to assist you in making your future vacation decisions. We do that through periodic updates about new stuff on the strand, so check back often. 


JoJo had always dreamed of owning a little beach shop where she could offer hand-picked beach stuff. So back when we created this site we decided it was the perfect platform for such a shop. And in the shop you will indeed find hand-selected beachwear, skin care and other travel related stuff. Even stuff for your pets in her pet aisle. 
Of course the meager profits we make as an Amazon Affiliate helps pay our Internet costs and for a nice date night every now and then;-)

Thanks. Tell your friends.

Johnnie & JoJo

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