Tips on Choosing the Perfect Beach Hat

One's choice of a beach hat shows their personality and style.

You would probably agree that you never leave for a trip to the beach without at least one sun hat in tow. Nevertheless, the best beach hats have a broad range of characteristics in addition to an attractive appearance. For instance, when making your selection, you should consider aspects such as the hat’s sun protection factor and the materials from which it is made. The features below are the most important ones to consider when making your decision:

Regarding the materials from which different hats are made, two important factors are the breathability of the hat and whether or not it offers good air ventilation. You should also check to see its ultraviolet protection factor rating–UPF. The best beach hats are those that offer a UPF of 50 or more.

The brim of course, is essential

The sun hat’s brim is an essential factor as well, especially if you are searching for the best hat to protect face from sun. Choose a wide brimmed hat that covers most of your face, ears and at least part of your neck. A general rule is to choose a model with a brim that is three or more inches wide.

Womens summer hats are often selected based on color, but this feature has a bit more to it than mere aesthetic appeal. For example, a white or light colored hat reflects UV rays, while dark colored or black hats draw UV rays and absorb heat. If you want to feel cooler, but do not want a white hat that may show a lot of dirt, consider another neutral color such as pale gray or beige. These colors offer a similar effect, but are a bit easier to keep clean. Summer hat trends change each season, but ultimately you should choose a hat that is all you, with characteristics that will protect you from the sun and keep you looking great at the beach. Stock up on more than one, so that you always have several great looks from which to choose when heading out for a day of sunshine.

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