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This Year’s Most Popular Beach Games for Adults

Beach trips are all about fun and games. Here are some of this year's most popular.

Jesse Broadt: Contributor

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Friends playing games on beach

Sun worshiping is fun, but after a few hours of tanning, even adults want some genuine playtime. Here are some great games for grown-ups to guarantee you’ll have as much fun as your kids during your day at the beach and enjoy that perfect Myrtle Beach outing.


4 people playing pickleball on the beach

Pickleball is rapidly becoming a very popular game both on and off the beach. It is a fun, social, and friendly game. The rules are simple, making the game easy for beginners, but for experienced players, it can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game.

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How to play Pickleball

Bottle Bash

Group oof people playing bottle bash on the beach

Teams of 2 players take turns trying to knock the bottle off their opponent’s pole with the Bottle Bash 175g frisbee.

The throwing team earns points if the opponent drops the bottle or disc. Scored to 21 points.

Just snap the aluminum poles together, stake them into the ground, place the bottles on the poles and you are ready to play!

Collapses quickly into carrying bag for easy portability.

How to play Bottle Bash


people playing TidalBall on the beach

Recently invented by a group of friends on the South Carolina beaches, TidalBall’s popularity is rapidly gaining momentum. This simple beach game combines bocce ball and cornhole but without the need of hauling equipment down to the beach. No boards, no nets, no paddles.

Four players toss/roll their tidal balls into specially structured holes dug in the sand to score points, similar to corn hole scoring.

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Want to see some folks playing Tidalball on the beach?


couple playing cornhole on beach

Cornhole enjoys a huge group of aficionados. Who woulda thunk chucking 16 ounce bags of corn kernels at a raised platform would become such a popular activity? Right now on some beach somewhere, someone is coaxing their bags of corn into that 6 inch hole on the board. Find some great cornhole sets at Amazon.

Watch Cornhole 101


people playing spikeball on the beach

Spikeball is a youngster to the beach games scene. It combines the best elements of volleyball and four square. It is a highly competitive game played with teams of two serving and hitting the ball off the net in an effort to score 21 points and victory. Amazon offers a great selection of Spikeball sets.

How to play Spikeball


ball splashes into bucketball cup on beach

All beach lovers enjoy a game of beer pong once in a while, and bucket ball is a great variation of this activity. It can be played on the beach, by the pool, or even on a grassy lawn. Most bucket ball games also include a floating rack that can be used in a pool, lake, or any place there is calm water. Beware, however, if your kids see you having this much fun, they just might insist on joining the game. Check out this bucket ball beach edition from Amazon.

How to play Bucketball

Bocce Ball

man on beach playing bocce ball2

Don’t forget bocce ball when planning a seaside excursion, as this game is widely popular among many adult beach lovers. Most sets weigh less than 12 pounds and come with sturdy carrying cases. A fun and competitive game for virtually any adult, bocce ball is always a winner when your day begins to lag. We found some great choices from professional to starter sets at Amazon

How to play Bocce Ball

Classic Beach Tennis

Girl playing beach tennis

Bouncy PVC balls and simple wooden paddles are all you need for a relaxing game of classic beach tennis. If you do not want to drag along a net, simply mark out a rectangular court with a half line. You can also enjoy hitting the ball back and forth in shallow surf when it is time to cool down. We love this reasonably priced set from Amazon.

How to play Beach Tennis

Beach Volleyball

people Playing beach volleyball

The overwhelming favorite of many beach vacationers is the forever-popular game of beach volleyball. If the beaches you like do not offer this game, you can simply opt to bring your own. Most portable beach volleyball sets are lightweight and easy to transport, and well worth the effort. However, make sure you dig the stakes into hard, firm sand when placing your net. Here is a good rough and tumble portable set suitable for adults. 

How to play Beach Volleyball

Ladder Toss/Ball

people Playing ladder ball on beach

For an original kind of throwing game that is simple to carry and assemble, try ladder toss on your next beach excursion. This game is a challenging variation of ring toss or horseshoes, and features two ladders with colored rungs, designed somewhat like field-goal markers. Each color rung on the ladder represents different points. This entire ensemble can be put together in less than five minutes, making it a great choice to take along on a beach vacation. We love this highly rated set from Amazon.

Beach trips are made for fun, so take a moment and order a few of these great games to test your skills and stamina while working on your tan.

How to play Ladder Toss/Ball

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