It always seems as if summer takes forever to arrive, but all at once you inevitably find yourself shaking your head in dismay over your old swimsuits that you thought were so grand last year. If you are like most beach lovers, you also realize that one new suit just isn’t enough. You need one for serious tanning, one for a volleyball game or a poolside barbeque and let’s face it, one to make everyone else envious as you strut your stuff up and down the beach.

Obviously, however, you want to show off much more than skin, and for this reason you should choose a bathing suit that is “all you,” from its color, to its style and cut. Whether you are a surfer, swimmer, traditional sun worshiper, model, or a modest dresser who just wants to be comfortable in the sand, the perfect suits await you. 

Below are some timeless swimwear options that are guaranteed to please:

Ruffles are making a huge comeback this year and these fabulous suits make the most of them.

See the ruffled swimsuit collection at

Cupshe offers a marvelous selection of swimsuits that inspire women all over the world to have fun and to make memories of the moments.

See the Cupshe swimsuit collection at

The classic one piece is always popular.

See the one piece swimsuit collection at

For the brave at heart.

See the itsy bitsy swimsuit collection at

When you say Brazilian cut you say seriously sexy.

See the Brazilian cut swimsuit collection at

Swimsuits especially designed for fabulous curvy women.

See the curvy woman swimsuit collection at

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