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Myrtle Beach Grand Strand Restaurants That Serve Local Seafood

Myrtle Beach is famous for more than a stunning coastline, it also offers visitors a wide variety of restaurants featuring locally sourced, fresh seafood. Here are some of the best choices in this category.

Jesse Broadt: Contributor

Although many people might be skeptical, Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand is not only famous for its picturesque scenery, but also for its fresh seafood. The latter is available in numerous restaurants, and each one is in a class by itself. Below are the top choices on the Grand Strand for farm-to-table seafare:

The Wicked Tuna

Directly on the celebrated MarshWalk in Murrells Inlet, The Wicked Tuna is a terrific place for hook-to-plate seafood, as well as breathtaking views of the marshes. The chefs at Wicked Tuna create signature dishes from locally caught, fresh fish, such as king mackerel, snapper, large sea bass, grouper, black sea bass, and wahoo, all of which are served by an impeccably trained staff. Any dish can be paired with the patron’s choice of wine from the establishment’s exclusive wine and sake list. Landlubbers will also not be disappointed, as the menu features top choice steaks and other American favorites as well. Timeless natural beauty, a great atmosphere and delicious cuisine are all found at this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

grilled tuna dinner

Wicked Tuna serves up fish that is wickedly good

Mr. Fish Fresh Seafood Market and Restaurant

 For fresh, local seafood in a relaxed atmosphere, nothing beats Mr. Fish Fresh Seafood Market and Restaurant on North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. A nautical themed eatery, this establishment offers homemade soups, fresh shellfish, fillet fish, whole fish, and homemade sauces. Although this Grand Strand restaurant specializes in sea bass, grouper, and snapper, virtually any type of seafood one prefers is available at Mr. Fish. The restaurant also has a raw bar for those who enjoy sushi and similar fare and a good selection of beer and wine is available as well.

Brother Shuckers Fish House

 Since its opening in 2012,  Brother Shuckers Fish House has held its own amid stalwart competition. The freshest of seafood in a relaxed atmosphere is what keeps Grand Strand Vacationers coming back for more. Located on the back side of Carolina Forest Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, this trendy restaurant offers black sea bass, grouper, snapper, mackerel, wahoo and many other selections to tempt the pallets of even the most discriminating Myrtle Beach dinner.

Beer, wine, martinis, mules, and specialty cocktails are also available to complement any dish on this restaurant’s generous menu. Meal options also include steaks, chicken and sandwiches. Regardless of what one has in mind, Brother Shuckers Fish House does not disappoint.

Collector’s Café and Gallery

The Collector’s Café and Gallery is a restaurant in a league of its own. Located on North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach, this unique establishment serves up fresh caught seafood dishes, as well as a variety of Mediterranean-style cuisine and handmade pastries from the restaurant’s adjacent European coffeehouse. Local art is displayed throughout the restaurant, which is as interesting as the menu selections. The restaurant’s stylish and creative menu may make the ordering process a bit daunting, but friendly servers are always ready to assist patrons and answer any questions. Farm-to-table options of all kinds await at this unusual, eclectic Myrtle Beach Café.

cocktail toast in Myrtle Beach

Collector’s Café and Gallery is the Grand Strand’s best kept culinary secret

Aspen Grille

 Renowned for its menu that changes with the seasons to feature whatever local suppliers can serve fresh, the Aspen Grille is a fail safe option for any Grand Strand visitor. Since opening in 2013, it has won several hospitality awards and gained a reputation for its remarkable service and meal presentation. Featuring hook-to-table classic Southern fare, this restaurant exceeds the expectations of virtually all patrons. Those who enjoy fresh seafood and jazz music should call ahead to ask about the establishment’s “Jazz Nights,” featuring live performances by talented musicians. Located on North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach, this restaurant is the perfect option for those seeking simply delicious Southern fare.

SeaBlue Restaurant and Wine Bar

Located on Route 17 North in North Myrtle Beach, the SeaBlue Restaurant and Wine Bar has more than earned its stalwart reputation as an eatery that uses only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. Fine dining at its best, this modern, chic restaurant serves farm-to-plate seafood, steak and unique delicacies in an upscale, elegant atmosphere.

The environment is classy, but relaxed, and what some describe as “South Beach meets Myrtle Beach.” Great care is taken with each and every meal, and the service is exemplary. The SeaBlue Restaurant and Wine Bar also offers a limitless number of alcoholic beverages to please any palate, and is a top choice for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life.

baked fish dish

Grilled to perfection fish always available at SeaBlue Restaurant and Wine Bar

The Parson’s Table Restaurant and Bar

 In a city filled with restaurants, The Parson’s Table has managed to stand out by offering classic Low Country, fresh caught seafood meals in a beautiful dining environment. Every part of the restaurant, from its oak floors to the stained-glass window over its entrance tells a story. Only fresh, organic seafare is served, which is sourced from sustainable farmers in the local region. Located on McCorsley Avenue in Little River, The Parson’s Table is a winner for anyone who enjoys farm-to-table seafood, an unlimited number of drink choices, and award-winning service.

whole fish dinner served in Myrtle Beach

No dish from The Parson’s Table ever disappoints

view from ocean front balcony

man proposing marriage at dinner

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