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Beach Chairs and Lounges

Beach chair and beach lounge selections are as varied as grains of sand on the beach. You can get chairs made of aluminum, metal, plastic or wood. They come large and small. Some beach chairs have their own wheels, and some can be carried like a backpack. Take a look at our favorites and feel free to use the Amazon search box to see the thousands of choices they offer. Relax!

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Beach Towels and Blankets

Beach towels and beach blankets are still the go-to options for many sun worshipers. While chairs and lounges may be more comfortable, they are often difficult to transport and operate. Beach blankets and towels come in sizes from small to huge and can display every design imaginable. From funny quotes to eye-popping graphics, beach blankets and towels allow you to express yourself while you catch some fun in the sun.

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Ice Coolers

What would a beach outing be without a good ice cooler? How are ya gonna keep your sandwiches and beer cool without one? Ice coolers come in an assortment of styles and sizes from Hard Coolers to Soft Coolers, Day Coolers, Backpack Coolers and Tumblers. Brands like RTIC, Igloo, Frosted Frog, Coleman, Pelican and Yeti have taken the cooler to new levels of convenience and ice maintenance. You can even get a custom Volkswagon ice cooler! Take a look at our choices or find your exact ice cooler preference with the Amazon search below.

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Beach Carts

It is amazing how much beach stuff you need to enjoy a day at the beach. Thank goodness for the wheel! Now trips to the beach are much easier with the help of a beach cart. They come in large carts and small carts and some even convert into marvelous accessories like tables and seats. And modern fishing carts can make trips to catch the big one much easier. Even the simplest of beach carts can make life so much enjoyable.

Beach Toys for Kids

Kid’s beach toys have really advanced over the years but digging in the sand still tops the list in popularity. Today there is a staggering array of sand buckets and shovels, sand forming tools and beach games available. And don’t forget the beach floats.  Check out what our friends at Amazon have to offer.

Beach Games for Adults

JoJo LOVES playing games on the beach. She has been especially taken by the latest pickleball game craze, but still loves the old classics like volleyball and corn hole. She also recommends Tidalball, a game that resembles corn hole but is played with a ball instead. Great fun. Search for it (or any game of your choosing) below.

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Women's Weekender

Weekender bags can be top zippered (so that when it is fully unzipped the opening is wide enough for easy access) or a duffel, a satchel, a backpack, or even a tote bag. They all serve the same purpose. They are a place for all your weekend getaway necessities (your STUFF).  But if you want to get technical, a weekender bag is actually one with an open top and two carrying handles. Nonetheless, a weekender bag is whatever you decide it is. There are thousands to choose from, so let’s get started.

Women's Beach Hats

The right beach hat can make a powerful statement. Be it simply functional or divinely elegant, the perfect beach hat shows just who you are.

Are you ready to make that statement?

Women's Swimsuits
Bikini swimsuit model
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Black woman models one piece off shoulder swimsuit
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I know. You already have a dozen or more swimsuits.

But let’s be real. You can never have too many, right? And last year’s swimsuits are out of style.

So let’s go shopping.

How about a new bikini? Or maybe an off-shoulder stunner or a fire-engine red one-piece for that upcoming pool party?

Tankinis are always in style and the color selections this year are fab. 

So go ahead…. reward yourself.

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Swimsuit Cover-ups
Flip Flops, Sandals & Deck Shoes
Women's Sunglasses
Women's Cocktail & Club Attire
Bangles & Baubles Jewelry
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Women's High Heels
Women's Lingerie

A fitting end to a special evening. From silk pajamas to peek-a-boo skimpy lingerie, every girl has their favorite, and his, too. Find just the right color and design to fit your taste from corsets to plush bath robes. Check out JoJo’s favorites or search for that perfect ensemble.

Cosmetics & Skin Care
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Men's Swimsuits
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Men's Casual Wear
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Men's Beach Hats
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Men's Deck Shoes and Sandals
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Men's Sunglasses
Pet Travel Products
Salt Water Tackle Shop
Kids fishing on boat

Gone fishin’. What better fun for a kid than catching their first fish? Vacation is a perfect time to introduce kids to fishing and JoJo’s can help. Just select your fishing rods, fishing reels, and fishing tackle from the vast selection offered by our friends at Amazon. Check out JoJo’s selections below or use the search box to find that special fishing lure.

Beach Style Home Decor
Backyard Oasis Projects
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Father's Day
Mothers Holding Child Abstract
Mother's Day
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Halloween icon
Halloween Aisle

Make this Halloween a special one with choices from a selection of fabulous indoor Halloween decorations for parties and family gatherings and outdoor yard decorations that will astound your neighbors.  Amazon has a huge selection of Halloween masks, Halloween costumes for kids, and Halloween costumes for adults. Take a look at JoJo’s picks below or use the handy Amazon search box to find exactly what you are looking for. Boo!

Halloween witch with broom
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Woman in mummy costume
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Pilgrim hat

Careful preparation can make your thanksgiving gathering one to remember. Check out our article filled with suggestions on making the event ‘just right’. Then find all your thanksgiving decorations with our special link to the largest selection of thanksgiving decorations anywhere.

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