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Jewelry Etiquette Guidelines Made Simple

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Certain Jewelry Guidelines Are Timeless

Jewelry has been worn for centuries by those who want to make a statement, enhance their appearance, or display something about their personality or beliefs. This type of accessory has a long and interesting history, and although trends change continuously, certain guidelines are timeless. Here are some simple tips on jewelry etiquette to help you avoid embarrassing faux pas’.

Choosing Appropriate Office Jewelry

When searching for an appropriate day look or wondering about the best jewelry to wear at the office, always use the golden rule of “less is more.” 

Never choose busy or distracting pieces, and stick with classic jewelry, as opposed to items designed to make a statement. Great choices for the office include simple gold hoop or stud earrings, a classic bangle bracelet, or a birthstone pendant necklace.

Formal Do’s and Don’ts For Jewelry

Because formal events call for a touch of elegance, do not hesitate to wear your best gems on such occasions. Diamonds and pearls are perfect for formal parties. A good general rule is selecting a specific statement piece and downplaying your other jewelry.  

For example, a sparkling, ornate necklace can be worn to draw attention to your face and hair. However, you should refrain from adding clunky bracelets or oversized earrings to your ensemble, as this will create annoying competition for the necklace. 

If you choose to wear an oversized piece, stick to just one, as larger items are worn to their best advantage with only a few accent pieces.

Party Time Jewelry Choices

Almost anything goes when you are at an informal party or club hopping with friends. Therefore, if you enjoy the clanking sound of a zillion bangles or want to wear drop earrings that reach your shoulders, these occasions are your time to shine. However, you should avoid overloading yourself with jewelry, as this steals the attention from your hair, outfit, and your other great accessories.

Whichever type of occasion is on your agenda, don’t wait until the last minute to invest in some great jewelry. Stock up on several classic pieces in advance and be ready for an invite at the drop of a hat.

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