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How to Pack the Perfect Weekend Beach Bag

Jesse Broadt:  Contributor

Now that summer is looming, it is time to pull your weekend bag out from wherever your luggage is stored and head to the beach. The following beach essentials should top your list when preparing for a day of sun and fun:

Sunglasses are a critical weekend bag accessory.

You never know when the sun might make an appearance, even on an overcast day. Therefore, you should always have a few pairs of sunglasses in your weekend beach bag. Pack a high quality, stylish pair for dress-up days, as well as a cheap one for your actual time at the beach.

Every weekend summer excursion should include sunscreen.

Tuck a bottle of sunscreen and SPF lip balm into your beach bag to prevent burns. If you are using a bottle from last year, make sure you check the expiration date. We LOVE this SPF 60 sunscreen at Amazon.

Any hair length requires a small mirror and hairbrush for windblown touch up

Your beach packing list should definitely include a hairbrush and small mirror, so that you can detangle your hair as soon as you get back to your beach blanket. Otherwise, you may have several nasty knots at the day’s end, particularly if your hair is long. We love this mirror and hairbrush combo at Amazon.

Beach garments on the go

An extra pair of undies and a broomstick skirt or pair of shorts should come to mind if you are wondering what to bring to the beach for the day. This is because you may want to run errands on the way back to your resort or hotel, and this task is not fun when you must do it in a sandy, wet bikini bottom. A carefully chosen coverup is essential.

Hats to the rescue

A hat is both practical and stylish, as it makes a fashion statement and also protects your face from the sun’s UV rays. Hats also keep your hair protected from the wind, which ultimately prevents tangles. Check out JoJo’s selection of fantastic hats.

If you’re sun tanning, leave the cosmetics at home.

If you’re wondering what to pack for beach vacation woman style, don’t forget things like cosmetics. However, if you plan to get a healthy tan or already have one, you do not need to stuff a ton of makeup in your luggage. Simply bring staples such as water resistant mascara, lip gloss, and creamy blush. Here is one of our favorite travel kits at Amazon.

Dresses can simplify beach packing.

Regarding apparel, remember that dresses are a summer travel staple, as they pare down getting dressed to a single decision.             

Skin care should not stop because you  at the beach.

You probably know that a day in the sunshine can dry out your skin. For this reason, you should add a small container of moisturizer to your beach bag.  Leave-in hair conditioner is also a great complementary item, as wind and sun can dry out your hair the same way it does your skin. 

Stock up on these items today and be prepared as soon as the weather turns warm. We love this Geneva travel skin care kit at Amazon.

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