How to Choose the Perfect Sandals for Your Beach Trip

Beach Sandals
Today's sandals are often replicas of time-proven favorites.

Many people would agree that summer is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. If you are taking a beach trip to get the most out of the warmest months, you are probably planning to update your summer footwear before you go. However, when shopping for sandals or flip flops, it is a big mistake to make your selection based exclusively on how the sandals look. Obviously, you want your shoes to be attractive. Nevertheless, it is important to choose a style that has all the characteristics of the best footwear for beach walking. These include at least a mild arch, and some type of heel support to take pressure from your feet. Sandals that are too flat place unnecessary strain on your back and Achilles tendon. For this reason, the best beach sandals women’s department stores sell are typically those that offer both stylish and practical features.

Comfortable ladies sandals should have a bit of extra space on the heel to prevent your foot from hanging off, which can lead to tripping or stumbling. Similarly, your toe should not hang over the edge, as this can have the same effect. These tips also apply to flip-flops, which should really be considered a beach-only sandal, as they offer little support or protection in other environments. Some sun worshipers like to wear flip-flops to wade into the ocean. This may be a bit safer than going barefoot, although aqua shoes are a better idea for this activity.

The best walking sandals for travel have a small heel or wedge. This is advantageous if you plan to go directly from the beach to a shopping excursion on a boardwalk or sidewalk.

Ultimately, the most comfortable sandals are those with arch and heel support. Therefore, whether you’re shopping online for sandals or you plan to purchase your shoes in a store, make sure you consider all the positive characteristics outlined above and look for styles that offer the most for your money.

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