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Eight Pitfalls to Avoid When Booking Your Next Grand Strand Vacation

Going on vacation is something almost everyone looks forward to on a yearly basis, but booking a Myrtle Beach vacation involves a lot of planning.

Jesse Broadt: Contributor

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Waiting Until the Last Minute to Book a Reservation

When booking Myrtle Beach vacations, waiting until the last minute to make your reservation is the kiss of death. 

While it is true you may be able to find something, you would probably agree that “something” is not what you initially had in mind. Always book as far in advance as you can to ensure the best possible vacation experience.

Book ahead of time to secure the exact unit you prefer.


Failing to Inquire About Resort Amenities

Some Grand Strand vacation rentals have dozens of amenities, but some do not. It is essential to make a list in advance of the specific amenities and features that are most important to you and then carefully read the listing to make sure such things are included. 

To avoid last minute disappointments, always confirm everything before you make your reservation, even if you think the amenity is something “every hotel has.” For instance, you may assume that all establishments are handicap accessible, but arrive to find this is not the case. 

Simply making your needs known in advance ensures you will choose the most appropriate unit every time.


Skimming Instead of Reading

A particular rental may have great general reviews, such as “terrific establishment” or “we had a great time,” but that does not necessarily mean it is the best unit for you. For example, the most comfortable hotel room or condo in town won’t make your Myrtle Beach vacation a success if you had something completely different in mind, but jumped the gun when booking your trip. Always dig deeper and read all the details as opposed to just looking at star ratings. Build the perfect vacation step-by-step.


Assuming Internet Access is Guaranteed

 Don’t assume guaranteed Internet access. Depending on the facility you book for your Myrtle Beach vacation, free Wi-Fi may or may not be included. Additionally, in some of the older hotels and condos, the materials used during the building’s construction may result in haphazard signals.  Another scenario where internet access may not be available is if you are renting a vacation home from a private owner. It may be a second home, and the owner does not want to pay for year-round Internet service. Simply asking in advance can eliminate unpleasant discoveries upon your arrival.  


Forgetting Contact Information

  If you are booking a Myrtle Beach rental property as opposed to a hotel room where you can speak to someone at the front desk, make sure you get contact information. This does not necessarily have to the property owner’s personal phone number, but merely an entity to get in touch with if something goes wrong or there’s a problem.   Don’t forget to inquire about extra fees for pets or smoking units.   
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Not Reading the Fine Print

Always read the fine print, as well as everything in the full description of the rental, such as the maximum capacity for the unit and if it is permissible to bring a pet. The worst thing you can do is show up for your Grand Strand vacation with Fido in tow, only to discover he is not allowed to check in! If you are a smoker, find out about smoking regulations for the unit you are considering. Finally, don’t forget to look for information about things such as required stays. The latter means the minimum number of days you must commit to in order to book the unit.

Getting Anxious

 The Grand Strand Connection links you up to a variety of great options for your Myrtle Beach getaway, but you should not book the first one you see. Compare several to make sure you are selecting the best condo, hotel or beach house for your needs. Remember, it’s much easier to do it right the first time than to go back and change your reservations after the fact.


Going Through an Expensive Middleman

You don’t need an expensive rental agent to book your Grand Strand getaway. Professional agents pour significant amounts of money into advertisement, and this must be recouped. If you guessed that a percentage of this cost is visited on you, you are correct. That money is better spent here where you can find an affordable rental unit that is ideal for you and your family.

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