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Easy Packing for a Family Day at the Beach

Be sure to bring these essential items along on your next beach outing.

Jesse Broadt: Contributor

Beach cart loaded with beach supplies

If you are like many people, packing for family day at the beach may seem like a daunting endeavor. However, making a beach packing list and checking off each item as you go is the perfect way to make sure nothing is left behind. When making your list of what to bring to the beach for a day, always include the following:

Beach Blanket

A high quality beach blanket should have a place on your list of things to bring to the beach with friends.  When in doubt, choose a large beach blanket to ensure there is adequate room for everyone. Of course, don’t forget beach towels for drying off as well as for laying in the sand. Here is an oversized 10’x9’ outdoor blanket we think is great.

Pop Up Tent or Umbrella

Like most people, you are headed to the beach to enjoy the sun. Nevertheless, you will almost certainly need a pop-up tent or traditional umbrella for those moments when you could use a bit of shade. Always choose a sturdy model that will last through many summers. Here is our favorite sun shade canopy from Amazon.

Beach Toys

Whether you have teens, toddlers, or any age youngster in between, your list of fun things to bring to the beach should include toys. Consider a frisbee, football, or volleyball, and of course, the must-have shovel and pail. And be sure to check out our article about the year’s most popular adult games.


If you are thinking about which things to take to the beach with a toddler, snacks should be high on your list. Children are always hungry, and serving snacks to others gives you an excuse to indulge in a few goodies yourself.

Water Bottles

Water bottles also belong on your list of what to pack for a beach resort vacation. Bringing your own water bottles keeps youngsters away from sugary drinks and saves you a significant amount of money. We highly recommend the Under Armour Sideline 64 Ounce Water Jug, a no-nonsense liquid container that will store lots of liquid for your family.

Under Armour Sideline Water bottle


Nothing relieves the heat on the beach like a cold beverage from your cooler. And nothing ruins your trip like a soggy pimento cheese sandwich. If you are not using a beach wagon or cart then you may want a cooler with wheels. Here is our favorite. Lots of capacity and a few bells and whistles.

Lounge Chairs

If you prefer lounge chairs to lying on a towel, try models with a backpack option, as such chairs are easy to fold up and carry. However, if you plan to use a beach wagon, transporting any type of lounger is a breeze. We found this Simpli Better beach chair with wheels to be extremely portable and even capable of being used as a cart. Everyone on the beach will be envious of this chair.

Simpli Better beach chair with wheels

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

The best way to come home with souvenirs as opposed to sunburns and bug bites is to pack a high-quality sunscreen and a can of bug spray in your beach bag. You may even opt for a product that combines sunscreen and insect repellent in the same formula.

First Aid Kit

Always be prepared for small injuries and ailments with a good quality first-aid kit for the beach.

Beach Cart

No professional beach-goer would set foot on the beach without their loaded beach cart or wagon in tow. We think this is the best beach wagon on the market today.

For more tips see our article, “How to pack the perfect weekend beach bag.”

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