Choosing That Impressive High Heel

Lad wearing designer red high heels
"Where did you get those shoes?"

If you are a true fashionista, high heels–particularly stilettos–are always found in your closet. However, maintaining your fashionable appearance involves making sure you choose the most impressive heels on the market. The following are some tips to help you hear the highly valued question “where did you get those heels?”

To make sure you choose a head turner, do not just go for a particular type of heel, but give thought to  the entire shoe. For example, you may wish to consider a leather, pointed toe pump on a slender three inch heel. This style is simple enough to bring a timeless, elegant touch to any outfit, and sleek and attractive enough to draw attention.

If you do not have to walk far, a four inch heeled sandal with a spray of rhinestones on the toe strap adds a flawless touch to any party dress or cocktail ensemble.  Do not forget about patent platform pumps either. Such shoes work for formal or casual occasions, but typically feature a more rounded toe to make them kinder and gentler on your feet.

If you want something entirely different, consider a huarache-inspired, caged sandal with an open counter and geometric heel. A t-strap platform pump on a thin 4 inch stiletto is also something to think about if your goal is to be ultra-sexy and glamorous. Finally, remember to check out stiletto booties when you are shopping, as these are all the rage this season. There is no bad time to buy shoes, so shop away and get the edge over your competition with that impressive high heel you know you deserve.

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