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Best Swimsuits for Women Over 50

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Swimsuit styles that help flatter the mature woman’s body.

Although none of us have the body we had at 25, this does not mean that the days of looking fabulous on the beach are over. Here are some of the best swimsuits for women over 50 that are guaranteed to make you look and feel confident, youthful and modern.

Looking for a swimsuit with more coverage or one to hide your tummy?

You may be searching for a suit that provides a bit more coverage than you preferred in your 20s, but do not want to look dowdy. If this is the case, consider a one piece, one-shoulder swimsuit with a cute keyhole cut out. This is also an outstanding choice if you’re looking for the best swimsuit to hide tummy, as its great design draws the eye upward. Ultimately,  this style suit is sexy and sophisticated, and one  in which you will always feel attractive and confident.

Tankini swimsuits with shirred fabric or ruching are all the rage.

Among some of the most flattering swimsuits for curves is the tankini with ruffles. Women’s swimsuits in this style offer tummy control and they are feminine without being too cutesy. Shirred fabric and ruching down the front adds texture, which works to both highlight and camouflage the appropriate areas.  Although strapless is not for everyone, the strapless tankini is an outstanding variation of this look that you may wish to consider.

Ruched and deep v-neck suits lead the pack in Plus sized women’s swimsuits. 

If you are shopping in the swimsuits plus size section, consider a classic and elegant, ruched one piece with a deep v-neck. This characteristic tricks the eye to make you look longer and leaner.

Choose your swimsuit based on bra size.

If you’re wondering how to choose swimsuit size, base your choice on your bra size.  Never choose a swimsuit based on dress or pants size, as the latter apparel are often purchased based on look, style or feel, rather than exact measurements. 

Snug fitting swimsuits help prevent wardrobe malfunctions.

If you are shopping for two piece swimsuits, make sure the suit fits snugly, as this prevents wardrobe malfunctions when the waves hit.

Buy your swimsuit from a reputable merchant.

When purchasing swimsuits online, always try to choose a merchant who takes returns in case the size is different than you expected. Ultimately, women over 50 can rock swimsuits just as well as their younger pals, and for this reason you should stock up on all the best styles before the season is in full swing.

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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