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DIY Beach Themed Christmas Decorating Ideas

Nautical Christmas table setting

You would probably agree that summer breezes, the sound of the ocean waves, and abundant sunshine are a terrific blend of characteristics, regardless of the time of year. For this reason, consider a relaxing and refreshing beach inspired Christmas to offset the anxiousness and stress of the holiday season. Use the following ideas to unveil a surprisingly laid-back atmosphere in your home this Christmas.

Craft Your Own Beautiful Beach Scene Ornaments

Be sure to bring the sand and surf to your dwelling this year is to craft lovely beach scene ornaments from everyday materials. Design the nautical scene of your choice the same way you would  make a traditionally-themed snow globe. Invest in some clear glass ornaments in which to place sand, tiny sea shells, small chips of driftwood or any other item with an ocean flair. You can even create layers with colored sand, such as tan and aqua for a classic beach combo. Try purchasing glass ornaments in various sizes to devise an interesting assortment for a mantel, pedestal table or to place on a decorative stepladder.

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Design a Nautical Nook in Your Home

Home nook decorated with beach themed Christmas

Let the seashore inspire you to create an oceanside Christmas nook in your foyer, living room, family room or den. Invest in some rope-covered glass floats and rustic oars on which holiday messages can be painted. Add some small, decorative nets and a few ocean themed throw pillows to complete this simple but pleasing look.

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Make Your Own Winsome Driftwood Signs

Christmas driftwood Joy sign

Try your hand at making some cheerful holiday greeting signs from driftwood. Use weathered barn wood or genuine driftwood as your base and simply stencil or freehand the letters onto the surface to create the greeting of your choice. For example, spell out “Jolly” and turn the L’s into candy canes, while the J and O can be your anchor and captain’s wheel. Use 10” x 12” pieces of wood to make the perfect size greeting for a wall or mantel. You may also prefer to add picture hooks to the back of the wood to hang the letters directly on the wall.

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Simple Seashell Tabletop Tree Is Perfect for a Tabletop

3 Seashell christmas trees

If you want to decorate a coffee table, mantel or nightstand, or you are searching for the perfect centerpiece for your dining room table, a miniature tree is ideal. Simply buy cone-shaped pieces of foam and collect or purchase bags of shells to decorate their surfaces. The best part about such crafts is their simplicity: you do not need to be particularly talented with handicrafts to come up with some great ideas and successfully design some delightful, trendy little trees.

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A Starfish and Shell Wreath Can Work Indoors or Outdoors

Starfish shell wreath

Add a new twist to an old favorite with a capiz wreath. Disregard the standard pine cones and candy canes for a nautical approach to this classic favorite. All you need for this craft is a standard, green pine-needle wreath to which you can add starfish, capiz shells, a bit of twine and some tiny anchors. Place the wreath on your front door, in your kitchen, or in any area that needs a special touch for the holidays.

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Find That Perfect Branch and Turn It Into a Manzanita Branch Tree

Mansetta branch as Christmas tree

No ocean themed Christmas is complete without a coastal manzanita branch. Think “tabletop Christmas tree” and you can master this craft in minutes. Simply choose your branch and embellish it with starfish, sand dollars, rope strung shells or bright Christmas tree balls in nautical colors.

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Decorate a Model Boat And Display It On Your Mantelpiece or Christmas Tree

Model boat hanging on Christmas tree

If sailing is part of your beach inspired Christmas, consider placing an attractive model sailboat on your mantle and surround it by wreaths, tree balls, or other decorations. If you make the boat yourself, consider stenciling on “Happy Holidays” or another cheery message in a bright color.

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Creating Lantern Decor Is Easy

Christmas lantern

Invest in a white lantern, or if they are difficult to come by, purchase one in another color and paint it white. Fill the lantern with sand and add beach elements, such as shells, starfish or sand dollars. Center a white or blue pillar candle among the other decorations for a nice finishing touch.

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Beach Themed Christmas Tree Skirt

Beach themed Christmas tree skirt

One quick way to add an ocean theme to your holiday decor this year is to invest in a nautical style Christmas tree skirt like these. Choose one in light blue or green with white or pink depictions of anchors, shells, starfish or sailboats. This simple, yet eye-catching item is sure to pack a big punch in your Christmas tree room.

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Simple Shimmery Reflections for an Elegant Touch

Nautical Christmas Candle center piece

If your goal is to add some sparkle to your home without overdoing it, consider using mirrors and candles to enhance your decor. Secure nautical themed holders and place them in front of table mirrors featuring blue or aqua frames.

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Bowls Are Versatile Beach Decoration Vessels

Nautical Christmas Bowl

Invest in a coral-colored bowl, fill it with bright, turquoise glass ornaments and use a white or tan starfish for the finishing touch on top. Other variations of this decoration include using a small wooden bowl on which sea glass, tiny snowflakes and jingle bells can be placed. Use your creativity to come up with similar combinations for a terrific ornament that works in any room.

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Replace Traditional Christmas Greenery With Tropical

Palm fronds under a Christmas tree

Depart from the typical seasonal greens with artificial island plants, such as bamboo leaves or palm fronds. Place them artfully amidst any of your holiday items or rest them under your Christmas tree. They can also be arranged on a small table next to decorative pieces of driftwood and tiny beach inspired ornaments.

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For The Creative Folks; Sea Life Garland

Seashell garland

Gather some sand dollars, starfish and small shells. After this task is complete, pick up a bit of twine at the store and you are all set to create beach themed garland that everyone will love. Use a very small screwdriver and a rubber mallet to make one small opening in an arm of all the starfish and somewhere in each sand dollar.

Attach these items to the garland, leaving several gaps for seashells, which can then be attached in between with a hot glue gun. This craft is a bit more time-consuming than some of those mentioned above. However, if you enjoy being creative, you will find this project well worth the effort.

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Stacks of Starfish Make an Unusual and Unconventional Tree

Stacked seashell Christmas tree

Consider designing your own charming, whimsical Christmas tree with clay starfish. An adornment of this kind lends itself superbly to any ocean themed holiday decor and is simple and easy to create. Just acquire clay starfish in a variety of sizes and stack them on top of each other–going from large to small, of course–and you have just created a beautiful decorative tree that is perfect for a nautical Christmas. You can use a tiny starfish as the tree’s “star” or simply leave it plain.

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Beach Stockings–A New Twist on a Timeless Classic

Coastal design Christmas stockings hanging from mantle

Embellish your mantel or fireplace with Christmas stockings adorned with seaside designs. It will instantly create an ocean themed holiday, as stockings over a fireplace or mantel are often the focal point of the living room during the Christmas season.

Another variation is to make your own beach themed stockings. Gather beach towels that have been gently used and buy or print a stocking template. Use a fabric scissors to cut the towels to the correct size and machine stitch or hand sew the two pieces together. When you’re finished, turn the stockings inside out and hot glue small sections of nylon rope at the top. Don’t forget to tie a knot at the end of the nylon so that the stockings can be properly hung.

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Carry Your Beach Themed Christmas Outdoors, Too

Do not overlook your home’s exterior when creating a nautical Christmas. Bring the beach to your front porch with your own little holiday seating area.

Strategically place some Adirondack chairs, a small, seashell draped Christmas tree, and a life preserver wrapped in blue or sea green garland.

Consider tossing in a few white lanterns for an added touch.

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