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12 Artificial Christmas Trees That Appear Real

Frosted Berry Pine Christmas Tree

Everyone enjoys the look and feel of an authentic Christmas tree, but most people simply can’t take the time to shop for and maintain the real McCoy. Fortunately, modern technology has resulted in an outstanding array of options in the artificial tree category, and below are some of the best choices for the 2021 holiday season:

Norway Green Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree


The Norway Green Spruce tree has a traditional cone-shaped design. It boasts Feel-Real branch tip technology and the branch color is a deep, vibrant green. This superior blend of features results in a tree with striking realism. Full-bodied and lush, the crush-resistant branches have an upswept design, which makes them perfect for hanging ornaments or attaching cards.

Few models can compete with the quality and appearance of the Norway Green Spruce, as evidenced by the positive reviews it consistently receives. It has been described as “well-shaped,” “very lifelike,” and “beautifully designed.” Just make sure you fluff out the branches after it is assembled. This model can accommodate any home, as there are four different sizes from which to choose. Each one comes with a durable folding metal tree stand.


Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Spruce Tree

If you have decided to get back to basics this year, consider the Best Choice Products Artificial Spruce Tree. This 7.5 foot tree easily brings Christmas cheer to your dwelling with no hassles. Although it is a basic, standard size tree that is perhaps not as fancy as other classic models, it offers plenty of space for decorations and ornaments.

This sturdy, hinged model features a simple, three-piece design that is very easy to assemble. Covered in over 1300 tips, the branches look lush, full and genuine. Just fluff them up to plump them out a bit and you’ll have a timeless, attractive Christmas tree that works well in virtually any setting. Customers have said this model is “a great, full tree, and “offers excellent value for your money.” If you’re searching for a standard tree you can adorn from top to bottom with essentially any type of embellishment, the Best Choice Products Artificial Spruce is a solid choice.

Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

If you’re shopping on a budget, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Pine Tree. This model has received more than 1000 positive reviews online. It is a hinged tree that stands six feet tall and is very easy to assemble, making it a failsafe choice in its category. With an eye pleasing design and sumptuously full branches featuring a total of 1000 tips, this model fools everyone into thinking it is real.

The Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Pine Tree can be erected in moments, as it boasts a three-piece body that quickly snaps into place. This model is a favorite with consumers who are in need of an artificial tree that is slightly smaller than the traditional size. It is perfect for a small home or apartment, or for use in a bedroom or any other area where you may wish to place an extra tree this Christmas. Customers have stated that they love the beautiful look and feel of this budget-friendly tree and have referred to it as “the best in its price category.”

National Tree Nine Foot Dunhill Fir Tree with 900 Dual LED Lights

If you are shopping for an attractive, larger-than-life Christmas tree with lush, authentic looking branches, the Nine Foot Dunhill Fir Tree with 900 Dual LED Lights is a superior choice. This tree comes with a footswitch that controls nine different light colors and actions, meaning there is no need to grapple with strings of lights as they resist your every attempt to space them evenly. Rather, simply plug in your tree and instantaneously enjoy a striking light display.

The lights change from soft white to multi-color and back to soft white after completing various patterns. They also have “Bulb-Lock,” which prevents the bulbs from falling out or becoming loose. The tree itself has all metal hinged construction, with branches boasting a total tip count of over four-thousand. Assembly is easy and this model includes a durable metal tree stand. Customers love this tree’s full appearance and its easy to follow fluffing and shaping instructions.

National Christmas Tree Jersey Fraser Fir

Another great choice when you are shopping for a realistic looking artificial Christmas tree is the National Christmas Tree Jersey Fraser Fir. This superb model has a number of remarkable qualities, and if money is no object, you will be well pleased with its performance. It stands nine feet tall and is consistently recommended for its trendy, life-like design. It owes its realistic appearance to crush resistant branches made with “branch tip technology,” which guarantees a lush, full-bodied tree every time.

For added elegance and style, the National Christmas Tree Jersey Fraser Fir comes with 1500 pre-strung, clear, burnout resistant bulbs and its hinged branches collapse into four sections for easy storage. This tree’s fullness and beautiful appearance are two of its most talked about features among customers. Therefore, if your goal this year is to upstage the competition in your neighborhood, this tree is an incomparable choice.

National Tree "Feel Real" Downswept Douglas Fir

You will also find the National Tree “Feel Real” Downswept Douglas Fir an impressive option in the pre-lit tree category.This model stands 7.5 feet tall and includes 750 lights to create a significant impact in any room where it is placed.

One touch of the foot pedal changes the lights from soft white to multi-color and all bulbs are burnout resistant. With almost 1900 branch tips, this tree boasts a flawless image once it is fluffed. In addition, because the branches are molded after genuine Douglas fir with Feel-Real technology, their appearance can’t be beat. Consumers never fail to mention that the lights are lovely and dazzling, as well as easy to operate. Although this tree takes a bit more time to assemble than some models, the end result is well worth the effort.

 Nearly Natural Three-Foot Christmas Tree

If you have limited space or you simply do not want the headache of assembling a large Christmas tree, make a big splash with a small tree. The Nearly Natural Three-Foot Christmas Tree is highly suitable for a small house, apartment or a even a “tiny home.” It is also ideal for use on a decorative display table or in a child’s playroom.

It comes arrayed with 100 clear lights and if one burns out, the rest keep right on twinkling. This delightful little tree is also pre-decorated with pine cones, which beautifully complete its timeless look. Customers have called it a “classy little tree,” and say that it “offers a lot for the money.” With consistently high online ratings, the Nearly Natural Three-Foot Artificial Tree is the perfect choice if you want to add Holiday spirit to a small space.


Frosted Sweet Pine Christmas Tree

If your goal is to bring a touch of winter wonderland to your home this Christmas, but you do not enjoy the hassle of tree trimming, consider investing in the Frosted Sweet Pine Artificial Christmas Tree. This unique model can be decked out even further, but it is guaranteed to look grand even if you do not add a single ball or piece of tinsel. It comes sumptuously clad with a string of 250 clear lights, pinecones, grapevine twigs, and built-in berries. For a true outdoor touch, each branch is embellished with artificial frosting that looks real enough to melt.

This tree stands seven feet high, but is somewhat slimmer than most models in this category. The Frosted Berry Pine Artificial Christmas Tree is known for exceeding consumers’ expectations due to its creative embellishments and reasonable price. Customers have called it “the perfect blend of lights, pine cones and berries,” and a “beautiful, high-quality tree for the money.”

Best Choice Products Six Foot Pink Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

If you are thinking pink this year and want to create your own unique holiday scene, light up your home with the Best Choice Products Artificial Pink Fir.  Boasting six feet of pink faux-fir, this model has nearly 1500 PVC branch tips, which give it its one-of-a-kind appearance.

The Best Choice Products Artificial Pink Fir is easy to assemble and features a hinged design and a collapsible stand. If you choose this model, your home is guaranteed to attract attention throughout the holiday season. Consumers have referred to this model and “rich and dynamic,” and “a sweet, charming, non-traditional tree.”

Perfect Holiday Crystal White Christmas Tree

Have an eight-foot-tall White Christmas this year with the Perfect Holiday Tree in Crystal White. This beautiful, snow dusted tree comes with 1150 expertly crafted PVC tips and a heavy duty metal stand. Its hinged body makes storage and assembly virtually effortless.

Customers have stated that this model is “a ton of value for the money” and is “sure to exceed your expectations.” Although there is some assembly required and extra primping of leaves and branches may be necessary, this model can be put together in less than 15 minutes. The Perfect Holiday Crystal White Christmas Tree lends itself well to holiday ornaments in virtually any color, thus allowing you to create a new look each year.

National Tree Carolina Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

The National Tree Carolina Pine comes with a charming collection of bristle and cashmere branch tips. Embellished with flocked pine cones and pre-strung clear lights, this model features a straight-from-the-woods vibe. If you want to enjoy decorating a tree to the max without worrying about  heavy ornaments sliding off or branches sagging in an unattractive manner, this artificial Christmas tree is a spectacular choice. It weighs 81 pounds, and therefore is capable of holding essentially any decorations you desire.

This 9-foot tall tree boasts almost 2347 branch tips and comes with a total of 900 clear lights. It easily folds together with metal hinges and comes with a sturdy metal stand. If durability and longevity are some of your top priorities, you should definitely consider investing in the National Tree Carolina Pine Artificial Christmas Tree. Customers love it for its hefty design, easy assembly and preinstalled lights.

Flocked Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

If you want to create a winter wonderland theme this holiday season, look no further than the Flocked Pine Artificial Christmas Tree. This model stands 7.5 feet high and comes with 500 pre-lit LED warm white lights. According to customers it is “sparkling, glamorous, and super trendy.”

The Flocked Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas Tree can be set up in minutes and an aluminum stand is included. Don’t forget to shape the tree by fluffing out its 1586 tips for the most realistic presentation. If a wintry theme is your goal this year, choose this splendid tree to light up your home for the holidays.

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