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What To Expect During A Timeshare Presentation

One thing for absolute sure. You WILL be offered a very special ‘today only’ deal.

Article by: J. Quincey Ross

Have you accepted an invitation to attend a timeshare presentation?

Well, here is what you can expect.

You’ll probably be treated extremely well on arrival.

Don’t be concerned that you won’t get your promised incentive package.

The industry has really cleaned up its act from previous years. 

But be advised that you MUST meet their qualifications to receive your gift package. These qualifications should have been clearly explained to you and are probably in writing on your letter or invitation… read the fine print!.

Today I do not know of any major timeshare company who does not honor the incentive offer  Just don’t expect to win the car or boat (although in all likelihood someone ultimately will).

And don’t expect that promised free ski or Mexico vacation package to be a simple matter of a phone call to make reservations.

It will be given to you in the form of a certificate and you’ll probably have to mail it in under very specific guidelines. You may even be required to pay a small, possibly non-refundable registration or activation fee within a short time after you are given the certificate.

But thanks to pressure from many states Attorneys General over the years, most vacation certificates are required to follow strict guidelines. At last look, some states have even banned them.

Most travel certificates fairly well if you follow the rules.

Just remember, you usually get what you pay for.

Chances are you will be attending either a podium presentation or possibly a one-to-one presentation from your assigned rep. These presentations follow a strict time-proven sales pattern.

Very little is done, asked or said during these without prior and careful evaluation on how it might influence the ultimate sale of the timeshare.

Here’s how it goes:

1. Expect the ‘presentation’ and the model visit to take the advertised time. But expect the entire process of greeting, presentation, visit to the model unit(s), sales rep’s failed attempt to close the sale and then the manager’s attempt to get you a ‘great deal’ to take considerably longer. 

2. Greeting. Just what it implies.

2. Warm up. Get acquainted period with your rep. Expect questions about your family, work and future vacation expectations.

3. Body. This is when the company credibility and actual nuts and bolts of ownership are presented. This is when the podium presented usually takes over. Expect to hear how others are loving their ownership with this company and all the great things they have done.

4. Walking Tour. You’ll be carried across the property or, in the case of a satellite sales office presentation, you’ll be shown examples of the property.

5. Model Tour. If you are at the resort, this is when you actually walk through a model unit. Sales people love this period as this is when the prospects (read, you) reach their emotional peak as they are ‘in the driver’s seat’ so to speak. Expect your rep to paint you into the model.

6. Close. This is when the rep will show you pricing and tell you about the special offer being made to you TODAY only.

You can expect a visit from the manager.

Expect a special deal today.

Expect to be asked to buy a few dozen times.

The exit interview process.

If you like it, it fits your needs and you can afford it, then buy it. Otherwise just say no.

Why do they insist you need to buy today? Why can’t you sleep on it? Well, you’ll hear a dozen reasons why you can’t leave and come back tomorrow. But the REAL reason is that fewer than 4% ever actually do come back and buy the next day and if they let you out of there you will probably be in the 96%. They just don;t want to hurt your feelings.

Think not?

Trust me. In all my forty plus years in the business I have seen less than fifty come back. Out of tens of thousands through my various offices and the thousands who promised they would come back.

And the second REAL reason they need for you to buy today is their cost. They have a few hundred dollars invested in you that they need to recoup.

It’s just business.


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