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Get an experienced insider opinion on how and why the timeshare vacation industry is changing and what those changes mean to the industry and millions of owners. Whether you are (or plan to be) a deeded owner or a vacation points holder you could find valuable information here.

Learn about the inner workings of the well-oiled marketing and sales machine that is the backbone of the industry.

My name is Quincey Ross and I have significant knowledge of this industry garnered from over 40 years experience. I am the owner and editor of this site which is graciously hosted by The Grand Strand Connection.

Here I will share with you my take on the innermost secrets of the industry, both fact and fiction. I think you will find them enlightening. And sometimes I’ll even offer humorous observations.

Be advised that these are my personal opinions (unless otherwise noted) and that I am not (far from) an attorney. You won’t see my photo here because some of my opinions go against the grain of the old-school timeshare machine. I have no desire to be confronted while I am enjoying an evening out. But you can contact me through email if you like. Be kind. 

Timeshare Sales Presentation

The Tourist Meets The Timeshare Machine

A fictional short-story about a family's introduction to timeshare during their vacation.

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What To Expect During A Timeshare Presentation

Have you accepted an invitation to attend a timeshare presentation? Well, here is what you can expect.


Timeshare by any other name is still timeshare

Why do even professionals inside the timeshare industry cringe when they hear the word 'timeshare'?

All About Those Discount Getaways

Are they for real? Sure they are. But you'll pay a price with your time.

gunslinger holster

Timesharing...The Gunslinger Days

The early days really resembled the wild west.

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