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Target your ads to potential customers within any or all 6 of these geographic WiFi zones. Click on the zone below to view its hotspot locations.

WiFi zones & hotspots

(from Restaurant Row to 10th Ave N)

(from 10th Ave N to Myrtle Beach State Park)

**We do not yet have a presence in all of these zones. Ad placement within a hosted hotspot may be restricted for competitive businesses.

Become a WiFi host

Is your WiFi system working for you? Let us install a state-of-the-art WiFi system in your business (or convert your existing WiFi) and your business can become a part of our hosted WiFi network.

The benefits are great and the cost is minimal.

All we ask in return is space to place a few sponsor ads (with your approval) on that splash page. It’s simple and it’s effective.

And when you are ready give us a call for that FREE survey and quote.

843 222 5891

Everyone who uses your WiFi will see your message, rules, activities, menu… even your Facebook page if you want. You can see actual splash pages that are being displayed at our hot spots by clicking here.

We are not your typical web advertising company. Our approach to targeted marketing sets us apart from everyone else. Through our ever-expanding network of Grand Strand WiFi hotspots, we deliver advertising directly to the tourist in areas where he sleeps, dines, shops and plays over his laptop, tablet or smart-phone. No other advertising platform can deliver to this highly sought after market as efficiently and cost-effectively as we do.

Imagine being able to digitally place your door hanger on hotels in your area… or your table tent in restaurants…week after week…without the printing or delivery costs… or the hassle. Now you can simulate that activity with the GSC WiFi network ad delivery system.

How we deliver

When you purchase a GSC Branding Package your ad will be displayed 24/7 until the total impressions are delivered in two ways:

  1. On our main site in the business category of your choice and;
  2. In your choice of one or more of our six WiFi zones. These zones run from Calabash to Pawley’s Island.
About the ad

Ads are 125 pix by 125 pix ads, either graphic or text. They are displayed on the GSC main site and the WiFi entry pages of the hotspots of your chosen WiFi zone(s) and presented to every WiFi user, resulting in a captive viewing audience. Of course the ads link to the advertisers’ own web site, coupon, Facebook page, (or any link of his choice).

All ads are subject to approval by GSC and the hosting WiFi hotspot.

How we charge

We do not charge on a monthly or per click basis. Instead our ad charges are based on the popular industry standard of per thousand impressions, i.e., the advertiser pays a small amount each time the ad is displayed on the web page. Each display is considered an impression.

Branding packages