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The Grand Strand Vacation Connection is a comprehensive web-based compilation of information, articles and opinions chosen to assist families in planning and enjoying value-packed South Carolina beach vacations. Our reach is as wide as the stand itself; from Calabash to Little River, North Myrtle Beach to Myrtle Beach, Surfside to Garden City, Litchfield to Pawleys Island, and beyond. Since 1997 we’ve been connecting folks to the best of this vacation wonderland that is the Grand Strand.

Out topics too, are wide-ranging. From off-shore fishing to sand castle building, skim-boarding to classic car restoration, softball tournaments to Motorcycle Festivals, we cover it all.

2019 promises to be an exceptional year on the strand. And we would like to help you make the best of it. We invite you to help us expand and improve this site with your comments and suggestions. So come on in.


Select from the below topics to plan every detail of your vacation or getaway or, just go window-shopping for future reference. Either way, we’re glad you stopped by. We are constantly updating this site with new information, articles and blogs. And merchants  and resort hotels are always creating new coupons, discounts and offers so be sure to bookmark this page. And be sure to subscribe so we can keep you informed.

Plan Your Vacation

Here are a few suggestions on how to plan the perfect Myrtle Beach Grand Strand vacation or getaway.

Resorts, Hotels & Condos

Over 14 million visitors visit the Grand Strand every year. You're probably gonna need help finding a room.

Shopping The Strand

Shopping is a favorite pastime here. From major brand outlet stores and malls to cute little boutiques.

Restaurants & Bars

Choose from fried grouper to steak au poivre to low country chicken bog, draft beer to margaritas.


If watersliding and parasailing is not exciting enough how about getting up close with a few dozen alligators?

For The Kids

The strand is a kid's paradise. Many attractions are designed specifically with them in mind. So much to do.

Theaters & Night Life

Choose from world class theater, electric night life, big name entertainment and shag dancing.


The Grand Strand has more public golf courses than any other place in the universe. Find your favorite.

Camping & Glamping

Whether you are looking for a patch of ground to throw up your pop-tent or a cement pad with full hook-ups for your RV you can find it here.

Services & Tours

A big part of vacations is relaxing and sightseeing, right? The strand has many options from a sensual massage to an historic ghost tour.

Festivals & Events

From golf, softball and basketball events to car shows and bike weeks, strand events and festivals offer something for nearly every interest.

Coupons & Discounts

Saving money is a wonderful thing. Area merchants offer great discount certificates and coupons. Even free stuff (sometimes).

Real Estate

So it's time to own your own place, huh? Oceanfront or ocean view? Condo or home? Here are the best options on the strand.

JoJo's Beach Shop

Get the latest and greatest beach attire and beach gear delivered from JoJo's On-Line Beach Shop directly to your door before you leave home.

Timeshare Advisor

Buying? Selling? Want to know what to expect on a timeshare 'tour'? Quincey Ross gives his opinions based on 40+ years experience.

So... what makes this strand of South Carolina beach so grand?

It's proximity to major metropolitan areas puts Myrtle Beach and the Grand Stand only a few short hours driving time for millions of vacationing families. But its real appeal is the beach itself, its climate, the thousands of dining, shopping, golf and entertainment venues and of course, its southern hospitality.

The Grand Strand is a 200+ square mile area of land that radiates north and south from the city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. From its northernmost tip near the North Carolina state line at Little River, South Carolina, it winds south along a sixty mile stretch of beachfront bordering the coastal cities of North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Garden City, Murrell’s Inlet, Litchfield, and Pawleys Island, where it ends at Winyaw Bay in Georgetown, South Carolina. 

Local Myrtle Beach newspapers coined the phrase ‘grand strand’ in 1949. The term ‘strand’ was derived from the German word meaning ‘beach’.

And just In case you’re curious, the name Myrtle Beach was not chosen for a former beauty queen named Myrtle, but instead for the wax myrtle shrub, prolific in the area.

The true definition of the Grand Strand goes far beyond its geographic boundaries.

Many consider Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand to be synonymous even though all the other cities under the umbrella of the strand are popular in their own right.

It is the melding of both the tangible and intangible that makes the strand, well, grand. Of course, geography plays an important role. So does the climate. And its close proximity to millions of vacation-seeking families makes getting here quick and inexpensive.

Then, of course, there is the beach itself. Wide and expansive, the South Carolina shore is renowned for its soft, sandy expanses, calm waters, and breathtaking sunrises.

Wake up early, and you can find the shell-hunters, walkers, and joggers patrolling the shallows. As the morning wears on, families, umbrellas and lifeguard stands begin to set up shop. It isn’t long before the sand buckets, sand castles and cornhole players make their daily debuts.

Before you know it, it is lunchtime. Somehow, fried chicken and potato salad just taste better when you’re sitting on a sandy beach surrounded by family.

And so goes a day of life on the Grand Strand. But lazing in the sun as the surf washes over our feet is only part of the reason millions of people come from all over the world to vacation here.

There is a stunning variety of things to do here in every season.

Every year the strand seems to expand its offerings of adult and kid-friendly attractions. From hurtling through a massive water slide tunnel to leisurely viewing Myrtle Beach from atop a giant ocean-front sky wheel, the variety of choices boggle one’s mind.

Looking for something more challenging?

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Do you have your mind set on scuba diving, parasailing, deep sea fishing or alligator petting? Riding a zip line? Beating your best-ever time on a go-kart course? Or driving a real NASCAR? The Grand Strand has you covered.

Golf is king

But if dropping a 30-foot putt to win it all is your dream, we can provide the perfect place to do it, you just bring the skill.

The strand boasts more than 100 first-rate public golf courses that appeal to both professionals and duffers. Spring and fall are peak golf seasons along the strand and it is not uncommon during those times to find condos and resorts booked solid by golfing foursomes from all over the world.

What kind of bird is that? A snowbird, of course.

The Grand Strand loves ‘snowbirds’, those mostly northern United States and Canadian visitors who migrate here in the off-season to take advantage of our climate, our special offers, and our southern hospitality.  Some stay a few days, others stay a few weeks or even months and some, well, they decide to stay permanently.

Snowbirds love the uncrowded beaches’ firm sand at low tides, perfect for cycling and discovering treasures exposed by the surf.  And in winter real birds along the beach are prolific, less timid thanks to the reduction in human activity. Over 300 species of real bird sightings have been recorded at Huntington Beach State park.


Canadian-American (Can-Am) days is a major annual event along the strand  which offers discounts to participants on everything from lodging to appetizers. Since its origin in the early sixties, this multi-day early spring event has had wide appeal.

Sun Fun Festival

Myrtle Beach’s Sun Fun Festival had resurgence in 2016 after a five year hiatus.  It is normally held in early June and has for over sixty years been recognized as the official start of the Myrtle Beach summer season.  It is a three day event held along the Myrtle Beach ocean front and features a parade and a big line-up of live entertainment.

There is so much to see and do and so little time.

All these choices help make this area the attractive destination it is. Even if you find yourself drawn here for one particular activity like golf, fishing or shag dancing (yeah, that really is a dance) chances are you’ll waste little time booking a return trip so you can enjoy whatever it was you missed.

The Grand Strand Vacation Connection is the one-stop beach vacation guide.

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